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John Schneider's Ex-Wife Wants to Sell His Louisiana Studio to Collect on $185k in Back Support

By TheBlast Staff

"Dukes of Hazzard" star John Schneider is in danger of losing his Lousiana studio because his ex-wife is asking a judge to order it be sold in order to pay off his massive spousal support debt.

As The Blast first reported, Schneider owes $185,000 in back support and is in danger of going to jail for failing to pay.

According to court documents filed last week by Elvira Schneider, she is requesting an order to sell the couple's property in Louisiana, which is home to John Schneider Studios. On their website, the studio says they are "a 58 acre full service production facility in Holden, Louisiana designed with an innovative infrastructure to give filmmakers all the tools they need to create their stories and film in one location."

Elvira's reason for wanting to sell the Louisiana property is twofold. First off, she wants to use the proceeds to pay off a tax lien on a property they own in California. Elvira says that property generates $5,000 in income (her only income, she claims) and is fully paid off, while the Lousiana property has a $265,000 mortgage and was hit by a terrible flood in 2016.

But she claims John wants to sell the California property instead. She says he is on "a one-man mission to liquidate and deplete the community estate” and calls the idea to sell the California property over the Lousiana property "totally nonsensical."

Elvira wants the proceeds from the sale of the Lousiana property to be split 50/50 (after paying off the taxes and other fees) but wants to take the support she's owed out of John's half, plus at least $25,000 for her attorneys' fees.

A judge has yet to rule.

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