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John Schneider's Ex Claims He Defrauded the Government Out of Nearly a Million Dollars

By TheBlast Staff

John Schneider's divorce battle with his ex-wife has gone up a notch — she's now claiming the former "Dukes of Hazzard" star defrauded the government into loaning him nearly $1,000,000.

According to new (and rather scathing) court documents obtained by The Blast, Schneider's ex, Elvira, is lobbing some rather serious accusations his way.

Elvira accuses John of transferring their Louisiana property — the home of John Schneider Studios — which was community property to a business that he listed as a separate property. Elvira claims John said he had her permission to do so, but she claims that is a lie.

She then claims that John used the property as collateral to obtain an $875,000 loan and then proceeded to "hide the proceeds and existence of that loan during a divorce proceeding."

The docs state, "Indeed, Respondent now admits that during the time period for which he has been found in Contempt of Court for nonpayment of spousal support and fees, he was actually in possession of $875,000 given to him by the Federal government, from which he could have paid both support and fees."

Elvira also claims John tried to say the Louisiana property — which sits on 58 acres — was not very valuable by comparing it to "a studio or 3 bedroom single family residence on less than 4 acres of land, or a piece of underdeveloped property with no road frontage whose listing indicates it is only useful for hunting grounds or timber."

She believes the property to be worth $1.5 million and is seeking a court order for the immediate sale of the property.

The case is ongoing.

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