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John Cusack Posts Scary Video From Chicago Protests: Police 'Came At Me With Batons'

By Jeff Mazzeo

John Cusack experienced the scene on the front line of the Chicago protest when the cops took umbrage with him filming the damage from the riots.

The actor joined the protests that started because of the death of George Floyd and he shared a video of when the police forced him to vacate the streets on Saturday. Due to the stress and dire situation, he wasn't able to capture much with his camera but he did record some angry audio of an officer trying to get him to leave. He claimed that the Chicago PD intimidated him by brandishing their weapons while coming for him.

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Full Force


"Cops didn’t like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike.
Ahhm here’s the audio," Cusack captioned his short video.

As we previously mentioned, it was hard to make out any visuals from his 8-second clip but blurry images of police with batons can be seen.

"Move! Get out of here! Get the f--- out of here, now!" the officer yelled at John.

The actor could be heard complying and saying that he was leaving the scene. Audio that could have been the officer striking Cusack's bike could be heard.

Chicago Is 'Just As Bad' As New York


The actor later showed off some of the damage to the streets of Chicago and pointed out the group of police that struck his bike.

"These were some of the peace officers - who gently tuned up my bike with their batons," he said while sharing a video of a burning car.

He also stated that the violence and protests were "just as bad" in Chicago as they were in New York.

Coming For Trump Tower


Earlier in the day, he tweeted out that the violence that erupted across the country could spell the downfall of President Trump. Cusack is a well-known Democrat that doesn't ever hide his distaste for the 45th President. He implied that the Chicago protesters were trying to reach Trump Tower.

"Would be very surprised if this is a one or two day event / this may well be the beginning of end of trump loathsome era - thank god -feels like many streams of outrage coming to a head- a wave peaking -Chicsgo scene was about getting to trump tower most of day," he wrote.

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