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Joe Giudice Says Italian Grandma Won't Let Him Visit Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

By Jeff Mazzeo

Things are getting scary in Italy as the entire country is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus and Joe Giudice revealed that his grandma (Nonna) won't let him visit until things improve.

"The update here! People can['t] work only praying 🙏 this will be better soon. Nonna said no visits till bann is lifted. #italia #coronavirusitalianews #workhard #positivevibes #hope," Giudice captioned his video where he explains his situation.

The former "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" star is kind of acting like our boots on the ground and has been giving updates about what's going down in the motherland. Joe is living in the town of Salerno, Italy which is located in the southern region of Campania. The biggest problem area is in the northern region of Lombardy but the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday that the lockdown now extends to all territories.

Keep scrolling to watch his update.

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It's Getting Real


The star showed off the empty Italian streets as he noted that only a few people are working and going outside.

"Well, today they literally shut everything down," Joe explained. "There's like not even any suppliers, nothing open. No cafes, not anything today."

He continued, "So basically they're containing this virus... I guess it's good in a way but at least we got a couple of guys to come out and go to work today, so we are gonna get something done today."

Joe explained that he cannot just sit inside all-day so he has to get out of the house. "We gotta do what we gotta do. It sucks but it is what it is."

"Be safe, wash your hands," Giudice concluded.

Fans Appreciate The Update


Many of his fans don't know what to believe about the Coronavirus and what is going on overseas. With President Trump announcing that all travel from Europe to the United States will be suspended, several followers said they appreciated Joe's first-hand experience.

"Be safe Joe, not sure what to believe about this virus🙏," one concerned fan commented, while another said, "Thanks for sharing insight Joe! Be safe."

It must be scary being separated from your family and kids during this time and one specific fan tried to give him some comfort.

"Praying for you during this time! I know it’s tough being away from your daughters. Prayers for you today! ✝️"

Italy's Lockdown


Italy has been placed on a "dramatic lockdown" as the coronavirus spreads throughout the country and Prime Minister Conte announced on Monday that the restrictions have been extended to the entire country.

"All the measure of the red zones are now extended to all of the national territory," Conte said during a press conference as they put a stop to all public events, including weddings, funerals, and sports gatherings.

The Prime Minister explained that the restrictions have been put in place to protect the citizens and the announcement of the lockdown comes after a long chaotic day filled with prison riots. Italy's death toll climbed to 463 after 97 people died since Sunday, according to CNN. The country's confirmed cases number 9,172, which is the most of any European Union country.

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