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'Tiger King' Joe Exotic Asks America To Join 'Mullet Challenge' To Promote A Presidential Pardon!

By Mike Walters

'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic is hoping he can convince America to give themselves a MULLET -- and promote the idea of President Donald Trump giving him a pardon.

The Netflix star's pardon publicity team has launched what they call the 'Mullet Challenge' and are asking people to cut their hair like the 'Tiger King' star and submit their photos to the man himself.

Obviously, he is in prison, but the team claims the winner of the challenge will be picked by the Tiger King himself. Once he gets out of course!

And just to up the ante a little, Joe is tossing in a free tee-shirt to the lucky winner!

Check This Out!

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All You Have To Do Is Sport A 'Joe Exotic' Style Mullet!!


"Business in the front. Party in the back. Hosted by @mediaexotic Join the Joe Exotic Mullet Challenge by posting a photo or video of your best mullet (or a friends) tag @joe_exotic and use #helpfreejoe so we can find you. Winner gets picked by JOE HIMSELF when he gets out!" Exotic's team posted on Instagram.

Now, looking at this photo, it does feel like this may be a good idea. But, just remember what you will actually look like with that hairstyle!

Not everyone can pull this off like Joe Exotic!

As we reported, Joe Exotic is facing decades behind bars after he was convicted of a murder-for-hire plot against Tiger rival Carole Baskin, and several crimes related to animal cruelty.

Does he have a chance?!

Does He Have A Chance?!


Well, President Trump himself said he had not watched the Netflix series, but his son Donald Trump Jr. has been public about his feelings the sentence was a little harsh for this case.

Joe Exotic has a team of people that just arrived in Washington D.C. to try and convince the President to cut the zoo owner a break. The group is cruising in a giant RV, which reads, "Presiden Trump Please Pardon Joe Exotic."

As for the Joe Exotic Mullet Challenge, post your best photo or video of a mullet (or a friends) and tag @joe_exotic/@mediaexotic and use #helpfreejoe. Joe's teams says the "winner gets picked by JOE HIMSELF when he gets out. The winner gets this ONLY one of a kind shirt."

Here You Go!

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