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"Counting On" reality TV star Jeremy Vuolo, who's married to Jinger Duggar of "19 Kids and Counting," could have added some fuel to the fire regarding the speculation that members of the Duggar family are under investigation.

It was recently reported that the Duggars were under a federal probe, and rumors have circulated that their home in Tonitown, Arkansas, was raided by members of Homeland Security.

Something Was Raided

The Duggars have so far denied that anything was wrong, but some fans are still skeptical of their claim.

According to KNWA, Homeland Security said that earlier this month, they entered a building, not a home per se, in the 14000 block of Wildcat Creek Road in Springdale, Arkansas.

According to HSI Spokesperson Bryan Cox, “I do not dispute the information you’ve obtained. That is the location that we were. I can’t speak to the status of any ongoing investigation. But, I do not dispute that we were present at that specific address."

Criminal Investigation Was Confirmed, But That's About It

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Cox also confirmed that there was an:

“…ongoing federal criminal investigation, however, given that there are no charges filed, HSI doesn’t discuss the nature of any type of investigation until, if or when, charges are filed. I can’t discuss the reason for our being there.”

When KNWA pressed Cox to find out whether Josh Duggar was the one under investigation, he declined to confirm that.

The Duggars have also denied the rumors, saying they were "shocked" at hearing the news.

Jeremy and Jinger Are Just Doing Their Thing

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This brings us back to Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. The small family have been separating themselves from the rest of the tight-knit Duggars.

Jinger has been straying from some Duggar things -- she now wears pants, which she never used to do.

Jinger and Jeremy also have a 16-month old daughter, Felicity. The two are obviously very excited to see how Felicity is growing and changing by the day.

Jeremy recently celebrated the milestone with an Instagram post.

Under one post, he wrote:

"Without a doubt, playing with Felicity is a highlight of my day. I love watching her imagination and creativity unfold as she has fun with her toys."

People Want To Know the Truth

Under one post, a commenter asked Vuolo point-blank: “Are the Duggars being investigated for tax evasion?”

Vuolo didn't say yes or no, but instead "liked" the comment. That doesn't say much, but it certainly hints at things.

Another commenter noted that it wasn't really cool for them to ask Vuolo, but the other person replied: “Well he ‘liked’ the comment so I’m guessing there might be some truth to it.”

They may have something there.

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