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'The Tonight Show,' Home Edition

Last month, several late-night TV talk show hosts, including Jimmy Fallon, were forced to shut down production as the coronavirus pandemic made things too dangerous.

Fallon and the rest of his family left the city for their Hamptons home, before Gov. Cuomo announced a stay-at-home order for New York State.

But Fallon now appears to live in Neverland, because the house he's staying at with his family is beyond adorable.

Fallon, his wife, Nancy Juvonen, and their two daughters, Winnie and Franny, are weathering the pandemic storm in their second home in The Hamptons on Long Island.

First off, it's The Hamptons, so it's a given that the area is nice. But the Fallons have a lot of really cool features in their home, and we'd love to come over and check them out.

A Fairytale

The house, in Sagaponack, used to be a farmhouse and was possibly built as far back as 1850. Fallon and Juvonen bought the property in 2011, four years after the two got married. It has six bedrooms and five and 1/2 baths.

Along with the farmhouse, the family can roam its two cottages, two barns and an apple orchard. The whole property sits on two acres. It sounds idyllic, but it gets better.


For the kids, they've built an indoor slide in a playroom, which also houses a jumbo popcorn machine, a piano, and a giant flat-screen TV.

Many of Fallon's clips are filmed by Juvonen, who reveals more details about the slide.

"The slide is in an old barn, and the only thing I knew that we wanted to do with the barn was put a slide down the middle of it," she says in one video.

Yes, a Slide

Juvonen, who says the slide was her idea, admits the end result "didn’t come out quite as cute as it should’ve. I drew that slide coming down and once you draw it, you can bring it to life. How cool and fun is that. I go down the slide usually all the time.”

Can We Come Over and Play?

The more people talk about the Fallons' home, the more incredible it sounds. @samhaysom wrote:

"I am completely fascinated by Jimmy Fallon's house. It looks like the coolest place ever. He even has an actual SLIDE that goes down from a music room to a kind of games room below. Would have been my absolute dream house as a kid (and still probably would be now, tbh)."

"Jimmy Fallon has a slide IN HIS HOUSE," said @BeckyLMcCoy.

Why are we just finding out about this now?

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