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Jimmy Fallon is speaking out about that blackface sketch.

Jimmy Fallon's Blackface Sketch: I Was Told To Be Quiet

Gettyimages | NBC
By Emily Reily

On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon changed up his at-home edition of his late-night talk show to discuss that "Saturday Night Live" skit from 2000 in which he wore blackface.

In the skit, Fallon impersonates Chris Rock on a game show. As Rock, Fallon says there are "not a lot of black folks" who want to be on the show because "black folks don't want to answer questions."

Fallon then asks Darrell Hammond, who played Regis Philbin, "Regis, do you think the only way to get a brother on the show is to name it, 'Who Wants $50 Cash and a Pair of Pumas?' "

The skit is no longer available on NBC's official NBC websites.

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Fallon began his message Monday night in a somber tone.

"I'm going to start this personally, and then expand out, because that's where we all need to start. With ourselves, and looking at ourselves in the mirror. And I had to really examine myself in the mirror this week, because a story came out about me on 'SNL,' doing an impression of Chris Rock in blackface."

Jimmy Fallon changed the tone of show on Monday night.
Twitter / The Tonight Show

Fallon said he wanted to speak up, but was told it's better he didn't say anything at all.

"Not at the fact that people were trying to cancel me, or cancel the show, which is scary enough, but the thing that haunted me the most was how do I say, 'I love this person, I respect this guy more than I respect most humans, I am not a racist, I don't feel this way.'

And instead, what I kept getting advised was to just stay quiet and to not say anything. And that's the advice because we're all afraid."

Fallon was afraid he'd say the wrong thing amid the controversy.
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Fallon said he was "horrified," and thought about not saying anything for fear of saying the wrong thing.

"I realized that I can't not say, 'I'm horrified and I'm sorry and I'm embarrassed.' What that small gesture did for me was break my own silence, and then what I started to do is talk to some experts, some of which are here tonight and this week, and I realized that the silence is the biggest crime that white guys like me, and the rest of us, are doing."

Jimmy Fallon is trying to make up for past mistakes.
Twitter / The Tonight Show

On the show Monday, Fallon brought out NAACP President Derrick Johnson because he wanted to work at "being a better ally."

Johnson told him:

"We are all born flawed, but flawed is part of the journey that we are on so we can try to get to perfection. If anyone can stand up and say 'I haven't made a mistake,' run, because that person is clearly a liar."

Last week, Fallon apologized to fans for the skit, tweeting: "There is no excuse for this. I am very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision and thank all of you for holding me accountable."

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