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Former President Jimmy Carter Recovering After Brain Surgery

Gettyimages | NurPhoto
By Emily Reily
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Carter Just Had Surgery


Last night it was announced that former President Jimmy Carter, 95, was scheduled to undergo surgery to release pressure on his brain after suffering from recent falls.

Carter, the nation's 39th president, had surgery this morning at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. The procedure was meant to lessen the pressure on his brain after a subdural hematoma formed after a recent fall.

ABC News writes that a subdural hematoma is often caused by an injury to the head. In a subdural hematoma like this, blood can collect between a person's skull and the surface of their brain.

But He's OK Right Now


The Carter Center announced that the president came through with flying colors, and had no complications from the surgery.

According to a spokesperson, Carter is now "resting comfortably, and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him."

Fans Of the Former President Are Relieved

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Fans tweeted their support after the Carter Center announced his surgery last night.

"President Carter, we need you now more than ever! Your positive work ethic, faith, moral principles and your kindness continues to inspire us all. We are praying for you as we know you will pull through. Much love....America!" wrote @DianneCallaha16.

"Your example inspired me to volunteer my time to help others, which changed my life in so many ways. For that I will always be grateful, and will always wish you well. Get well soon, good sir, and thank you," said another.

@JethroSomes had another positive message for the president:

"Best wishes to President and Mrs. Carter, and hoping for a swift and smooth recovery from this inconvenience to a most exemplary man. Inspiring multiple generations - millions of Americans and, certainly, billions more the world over - is no mean feat.

You'll always rock!"

He's the Energizer Bunny

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Carter has had several falls this year.

He had surgery in May after he broke his hip while getting ready to go turkey hunting. On Oct. 6, Carter got stitches after he fell at his ranch in Plains, Georgia. And on Oct. 21, he broke his pelvis.

These are things that happen when you're 95, an age only some of us will reach.

Best Wishes For a Full Recovery


Carter has spoken about death in the past, like when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

"I assumed naturally that I was going to die very quickly. I said a prayer about it; I didn't ask God to let me live, I found that I was absolutely and completely at ease with death."

In 1976, Carter was elected president, succeeding Gerald Ford, but then lost to President Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Since then, Carter has continued to work for several causes, such as Habitat For Humanity.

The guy's an eternal dynamo-- let's hope he's around for as long as possible, because we love him.

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