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Jim Carrey Thought He Was Going To Die During Hawaii's False Missile Alert

YouTube/BBC America
By Jeff Mazzeo

Jim Carrey revealed that he believed that he had 10 minutes left to live when Hawaii sent out a false missile alert back in 2018.

The legendary actor appeared on 'The Graham Norton Show' to promote his new book, "Memoirs and Misinformation," when he divulged his scary situation in an exclusive clip obtained by PEOPLE.

“There was a missile alert in Hawaii a little while back and I was in Hawaii. My assistant Linda, who lives on the other side of the island called me crying,” Jim recalled. “She called me crying and said, ‘We have 10 minutes left, chief.’ And, ‘What should we do? The missiles are going to land.'”

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'That’s my face when I believed I had 10 minutes left to live.'

YouTube/BBC America

Carrey continued his story, “And that picture on the front of my book is an accidental screen grab that she did because she’s was so tense. That’s my face when I believed I had 10 minutes left to live.”

He explained that while ten minutes isn't a long time, it was enough to do some self-reflection where he was able to find a brief few moments of peace. “The feeling was, ‘Wow, that’s kinda weird. What a funny way for it to end.’ And I went into this time of the last 10 minutes. Then I sat down and this overwhelming sense of peace came over me and I started going over a list of gratitude for my life and everything that had happened.”

Jim said he was prepared for his demise with two minutes left to live when he received confirmation that it was a false alarm. “It was a unique place to be, to be able to sit back and go ok. There’s actually a state of calm,” he stated before joking that he was a little disappointed when nothing happened. “I was pissed. I was like, who do I have to call? They said something like we pushed the wrong button,” Carrey said. “I was like, come on it’s not that much of a family business on the island, is it? I would hope there’s a process.”

Hawaii's False Alarm

YouTube/BBC America

Back in January of 2018, residents of Hawaii were sent into a mass panic when an emergency alert was sent to their phones warning them that there was an impending missile strike. People were advised to "seek immediate shelter" and that it "was not a drill."

At the time, Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii took to twitter and admitted that the alert was sent because of "human error" and it was a false alarm.

There is no missile threat. It was a false alarm based on a human error. There is nothing more important to Hawai‘i than professionalizing and fool-proofing this process," Senator Schatz wrote.

While the alarm was false, the panic was real and Carrey gave his fans some insight into what it was like.

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