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Jessica Simpson Says Fan Love 'Has Given Purpose To My Life' While Celebrating Becoming A NY Times Bestseller

By Jeff Mazzeo

Jessica Simpson says that telling her truth finally set her "free" and she thanked her fans for making her new memoir, "Open Book" a bestseller.

Her book topped the NY Times Best Sellers list in multiple categories after a few weeks and a ton of book promotion. To celebrate, the singer/actress/author shared a special message on Instagram on Sunday. The star posted a black and white picture of herself in a dark hallway screaming.

"This is me singing “Hallelujah” down the hall after finding out my truth not only set me free, but set the lives of so many readers and listeners of Open Book free," Simpson wrote in the caption of her post.

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The Truth Shall Set You Free


To say Simpson's book is a tell-all would be an understatement. In the memoir, released February 2nd, she divulged details about her marriage to Nick Lachey, the sexual abuse she suffered in the past, the pressure to lose weight and her use of diet pills. Simpson continued her heartfelt message by saying that her experience while on her current book tour has been life-changing.

"Meeting thousands and thousands of you these past 2 weeks has given purpose to my life all over again," Jessica declared. "My smile was real, my hugs were true, and these memories I will hold so close to my heart forever."

"Thank y’all for helping my bravery break unexpected records and giving me the chance to be heard as a #1 BEST SELLING AUTHOR!!! This is a moment for all of us to share, always and forever, your best friend...Jess 💚."

Fans Send Love Back


The revelations made in the memoir definitely got people talking. Simpson's normalizing of taboo issues helped shed light on situations her fans may be experiencing. While her message was a big thank you to her followers, her followers sent love right back at the star.

"Thanks for making us feel like we are your besties... for sharing who you are and making us feel okay to do the same! We love you 💜," one fan wrote while another said, "Thank you for your truth and authenticity. It’s a breath of fresh air ❤️."

"I finished it today and haven’t cried and laughed that much from a book, let alone from chapter one, like I did with this brilliant and honest best seller. Thank you for this book. ❤️❤️," another gushed.

Ashlee Is Beaming With Pride


Jess's sister, Ashlee Simpson was one of the first people to congratulate her on becoming a bestseller and she shared a special tribute post to her big sis.

"I am so very proud of my beautiful, brave, kind, loving sister!!!" Ashlee wrote on social media. "It’s beautiful to see you sharing your truth with the world. You are so inspiring. I love you so much. You are a #1 best selling author 😜."

After seeing Ashlee's heartwarming message, Jessica sent a big shout out to her and gave credit where credit is due.

"I could not have done any of this without your eternal love and endless support!!! Your bravery in life has taught me how to bandage up my wings and FLY 🦋 I love you 💚," Simpson said.

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