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Jessica Simpson Broke Up, Got Back Together With John Mayer -- NINE TIMES!

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Mike Walters

Jessica Simpson is opening up about her relationship with John Mayer and the singer just revealed she had a very tough time walking away from him...even getting back together with him NINE different times!

Simpson sat down with the 'Today Show' to promote her new memoir, 'Open Book' and discussed a number of topics including her relationship with John Mayer and Tony Romo.

“We were great at intimacy. We were great at loving each other,” she said in the interview with Hoda Kotb. She continued, "That was easy, but the relationship was very complex. And it was always on-again, off-again. On-again, off-again. And I went back close to nine times.”

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"It Felt Inevitable To Be In Love With John"

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At one point, Simpson said about the up and down relationship, “It felt inevitable to be in love with John, so I continued talking to him for months, I knew now not to let him get close enough to shoot me down again.”

In the book, Jessica also revealed John Mayer was the reason for her split with Tony Romo, saying, “[Tony] accused me of seeing John behind his back...I hadn’t cheated on Tony at all, but I could not lie and say I hadn’t even seen him."

‘Nothing happened,’ I said,” she explained.

Tony Romo Accused Simpson Of Cheating With John Mayer

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She continued, “Tony didn’t believe that for a second. And within that second, he broke up with me right there. Two years, gone with an email.”

After the nasty breakup, Jessica realized Tony would never go public about the exact reason for the breakup. “I could trust that Tony would never tell the press that John Mayer caused the breakup. It would imply that he wasn’t enough for me,” she wrote.

“Tony soon realized I was telling the truth. Of course, I didn’t cheat on him. But, our breakup had been so ugly that it shocked me into realizing it had been necessary.” Jessica admitted.

Jessica Embarrassed After The 'Sexual Napalm' Comment

Gettyimages | James Devaney

If you remember, Mayer shocked the world after telling Playboy Magazine in an interview that Jessica Simpson was "sexual napalm." He publically apologized following the incident, but she revealed how the entire experience was for her at the time.

“He thought that was what I wanted to be called. I was floored and embarrassed that my grandmother was actually gonna read that. A woman and how they are in bed is not something that is ever talked about. It was shocking," she wrote.

Jessica Simpson is now married to former NFL player Eric Johnson, and the couple shares three children. As for John Mayer...well, he is still John Mayer.

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