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Jesse James Gets His Dog Back: See the Emotional Reunion

By Gary Trock

West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James was reunited with his beloved dog after she fell through an open window and survived on her own for a month!

James' 6-year-old French Bulldog, Coco, had been missing since July after she disappeared during the former TV star's summer vacation to the area of Newport, Rhode Island.

Turns out, Coco fell through an open basement window at a nearby house while the owner was away, and she survived on her own for 30 days.

Her only water source was rainwater, and without any food, Coco was completely on her own. Luckily, the owner of the property discovered her upon returning home, and contacted law enforcement to pick up the little dog.

Sandra Bullock's ex-husband filmed the emotional reunion, in which a very thin Coco runs up and delivers some much-needed kisses.

The star said Coco weighed only 6 lbs, and lost close to 14 lbs while fending for herself.

He said that, other than being severely dehydrated, Coco had a clean bill of health.

"She was in there for 30 DAYS!! She isn’t really a barker so I can see why she would go unnoticed," James explained.


Addressing Coco's weight loss, he wrote, "Obviously she is starving! They are reintroducing food to her a little at a time. Her blood work came out normal. Just severely dehydrated. Man-O-Man she is a survivor! What a tough tough little lady."

James, who runs a custom firearm business out of Texas these days, had initially offered a $5,000 reward for anyone that could find the pooch.

Welcome home, Coco!

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