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Vinny and Angelina

'Jersey Shore' Vinny Guadagnino Slammed For 'Gross' Angelina Pivarnick Tweet

By Whitney Vasquez

"Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino found himself in hot water after he went after his co-star Angelina Pivarnick on Twitter. He posted the intense tweet on Thursday, September 3 and while he didn't clarify if his aggressive response to her was a prank, fans did not take it well. Instead of laughing at his tweet, they called him "gross" and "not nice" for how he spoke to his "Jersey Shore: Family Reunion" castmate when he put her on blast for the world to see.

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Angelina Tweets At Vinny First:

Angelina posing as a pin-up.

Vinny Guadagnino, who is trying to get a "Double Shot At Love," responded in a "not very nice" way when Angelina Pivarnick tweeted out her two-cents about his relationship journey. Taking to social media, the once labeled "Dirty Little Hamster" of MTV addressed his status.

"Ohh wow @VINNYGUADAGNINO your [sic] finally trying to be serious with someone !! Finally," Angelina tweeted out on Thursday evening while hashtagging the reality show. Vinny, who has had a rocky past with Angelina, did not take her words lightly.

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Vinny's 'Gross' Response:

Keto Guido in action

"Jersey Shore" fans were shocked when Vinny Guadagnino responded to Angelina Pivarnick harsh tweet by writing, "Yea not u bitch." While his response collected nearly 13k likes and more than 1k retweets, some of his followers were not impressed. Many commented on Vinny's response by shaming him for how he talks to women.

"Always take the high road as a man, never disrespect a female regardless," one person wrote. "The way you speak to women is not very nice," added someone else. "That was gross of him," posted a third.

Fans Attack Vinny!

Vinny flexing his muscles

Others went for the jugular. "That's why no one will EVER marry him!" another follower commented, adding, "Classless!" But not everyone was offended by the way Vinny chose to respond to Angela. Some of his fans had his back and said the disrespect goes both ways.

"The way she speaks to people isn't very nice. Where's the difference?" said one who played devil's advocate. "She started it," posted another. "You obviously don't watch the show," said someone else who insisted his response was a joke.

At the time of this post, Vinny Guadagnino has not responded to the controversy.

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