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Snooki Fires Back At Haters Who Claim She's Supporting Protesters To Prevent Looters

By Whitney Vasquez

Snooki is shooting down trolls who are accusing her of opening up her shop for George Floyd protesters to prevent looters. The "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" star, who has a clothing store in Madison, an area of New Jersey, encouraged those using their voice to prevent anti-police brutality by hanging signs on her storefront. According to the MTV star, several posters are getting ripped down in the area so she wanted to make sure protesters knew her shop was a "safe space."

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Her Store Windows Are Covered:


Several people applauded Snooki for being an ally to the movement and on Thursday, she followed up by showing the results from her post. Showing her shop windows almost fully covered with posters calling for justice, the mom of three shared a snap from outside her storefront. "There’s no denying the love & passion everyone is showing in Madison, NJ 🙏🏽 let us be your canvas 💋," she captioned the shop photo.

Scroll to see Snooki's shop covered with justice for George Floyd posters!

See The Post:


Tons of her followers praised the "Jersey Shore" star for her supportive words but not everyone thought it was from the heart. Trolls took to Snooki's post and slammed her, claiming she was only supporting the protesters to avoid looters from breaking into her clothing store. When someone commented, "In other words’ ~ please don’t loot my store ~," Snooki shot back. "You think that's my main concern?" she fired off. "My store being ruined?" The social team from her store also weighed in.

Snooki Hits Back:


Replying to the hater, The Snooki Shop wrote, "totally missing the point here. There were #BLM posters around our town that got torn down. We decided to let our building be the canvas for everyone's voices and posters so they won't be taken down." Snooki also addressed a troll who she accused of trying to shame others. "You shouldn't shame people for not doing what's up to par in your eyes," she wrote before absolutely destroying the commenter who offended her.

Her Powerful Words:


"Everyone is trying the best they can to help make a change. Don't shame anyone for doing their part," Snooki warned the hater, "It's not right." Encouraging those who are using their voice to "keep marching," she promised, "I'll keep donating, sharing links and using my store as a canvas." Ending her lengthy message, she continued, "Together we are helping to make a change. Spreading love is what's needed. Not this shit..." Several people agreed with Snooki and her powerful reply is already at over 2,6k likes.

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