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Seven Criminal Charges


The complaint includes a charge for false imprisonment of Harley, the document states, Ronnie, "who at the time and place last aforesaid, did willfully and unlawfully violate the personal liberty of another, to wit, JENNIFER H."

Earlier reports suggested Ronnie was facing 5 charges including domestic violence, child endangerment, brandishing a weapon, resisting arrest, and one count of criminal threats.

The Documents

The Blast

The legal documents reveal along with another false imprisonment charge, Ronnie is facing two charges of resisting arrest one for each officer that was forced to taser the reality star while taking him into custody.

Ronnie faces up to a year behind bars for each charge against him.

Resisting Arrest

The Blast

As we reported, Ronnie was arrested by after an argument with the mother of his daughter, Jen Harley, turned violent.

Ronnie and Jen had returned back to their rented a home in Los Angeles after attending the launch of Ronnie's weed company.

Harley called 911 claiming the 'Jersey Shore' star was highly intoxicated and had assaulted her in the home. She also claimed he had pulled a knife on her while holding the couples young daughter.

Arrest Details


He was accused of taking the couple's young daughter and locking himself and her inside of the rented home.

Jen told cops that Ronnie was drunk and high on drugs during the episode.

After the incident, Harley was seen out about with bruising on her body, and alleged injuries from the fight.

The 'Jersey Shore' star had denied assaulting his GF and says he was defending himself.

Denies Allegations


In a statement from his lawyer, "The facts and circumstances around Ronnie’s arrest have been misreported and exaggerated, like we mentioned in the past. We are happy the District Attorney’s refused to file any charges and we look forward to addressing this matter with City Attorney; until then, we will make no further comment."

Ronnie is due back in court to face charges next month.

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