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'Jersey Shore' Star Mike 'Situation' Sorrentino Reveals He Was Told He Had A Brain Bleed In Prison

By Mike Walters

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino shared a scary story about his stint in prison, revealing that he was told at one point by a prison 'doctor' he was bleeding from the brain and it was not looking good.

Sorrentino described the horrible situation on his new Youtube channel with his wife, The Situations, where he is doing a bunch of storytelling about his life behind bars.

"One of the things they don't tell you before going to prison is that they don't really do much for you there when you get sick. So when Mike the Situation woke up feeling under the weather one morning in Otisville Federal Correctional Facility, he knew he had to figure something out," Sitch says.

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You Have To Hear This Terrible Story...


In the video, he describes an incident where he woke up and was upset by the fact he was seeing little black dots in front of his eyes, anytime he would look back and forth from left to right.

So, a fellow inmate told him that there were several doctors behind bars where he could ask for advice and get a possible diagnosis.

The Situation says he met with the 'doctor' and after describing the symptoms, he was told "you are bleeding from the brain" followed by a very ominous, "and it is not looking good."

Of course, Mike describes how upsetting this was to hear and how he couldn't believe he had to call and tell his wife that even though he survived addiction and prison life, he was going to die anyway from a brain bleed.

Prison 'Doctor' Diagnosis Is He Has A Brain Bleed

Gettyimages | John Lamparski

This is where the story gets crazy! One of Mike's fellow inmates told him he needed to get a second opinion about the deadly diagnosis so he went to see another doctor.

It turns out, the doctor who he originally saw for the issue was in prison for FAKING HE IS A DOCTOR! Wait what?!

That's right, it was nothing, and what he was seeing is a common thing called "floaters" and he was just duped by a conman who was behind bars for that exact thing!

"Always get a second opinion from a prison doctor 😳" Sorrentino stresses after telling the story!

Fake Doctor?! How Is This Possible...


Fans loved the story and took to Instagram to make him feel better about this situation. Even Vinny got in on the action, saying, "My favorite show !!!!! El situation prison stories !!!!"

Sorrentino's wife, Lauren, wrote, "I think this is my favorite story so far!"

"Damn! Bleeding from the brain?!" one Jersey Shore fan worried. But, others called out the real diagnosis, "I get this too. It’s called floaters and they are no big deal lol...As soon as you started talking I knew exactly what it was, floaters because I have that as well. Sorry that you had to go through that scare for a little while before you received the second opinion."

Moral of the story: if you're seeing a doctor, always get a second opinion (even in prison). To hear the whole story, told by Mike, check out his Prison Stories with El Situacion on the YouTube Channel.

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