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Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Reveals What He Eats On Cheat Day!

By Whitney Vasquez

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is a boss in the gym, but when he's not lifting weights or eating healthy, he heads to the golden arches. The "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" star revealed his fast-food weakness on his day off and like most Americans, it's McDonald's. So, what does The Sitch get down on from the menu? It's a whole slew of things. Revealing his order, he posed with his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, and a tray full of greasy, yet delicious goodness.

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Lovin' It! 🍟


Between the two of them, they crush three large McDonald's fries, three 10-piece chicken nuggets and two cheeseburgers with ew! pickles. The Sitch hasn't looked this happy since he was released from prison two months ago. "You’re Excluded from Cheat Day 😋" he captioned the fast-food snap. Revealing the two filmed their McDonald's feast for an upcoming segment on their YouTube channel which they are calling "Eating My Best Life." Of course, The Situation encourages fans to check out his online store and buy his merchandise which includes shirts with the food slogan. Fans are going wild over The Sitch's cheat day, especially his "Shore" family member Pauly D who commented, "Well damnnnnnb😍"

More FOOD!


This isn't the first time the "Jersey Shore" star has shared his post-prison feasts. Following his release in September after serving his 8-month sentence for tax evasion, The Sitch invited his family to their home where the group feasted like kings. The spread looked amazing! There was lasagna, chicken, cheese, deli meat, salad and enough red wine for an army, but none for Sitch, who's worked hard to maintain his sobriety. After their epic meal, Mike and Lauren Sorrentino followed the feast up with date night days later. The duo captured their first night out on the town, which included plenty of meat! The "Jersey Shore" star showcased their fancy 5-star meal including yummy steak, bone marrow made to perfection, roasted oysters, steak tartare, and, of course, some veggies to wash it all down. Ironically, The Situation's prison meals weren't the worst. As The Blast reported, the proud guido's facility had a pizza making kit for purchase. So, if his prison account had enough credit in it, the star could chow down on some greasy pie!

The "Jersey Shore" star has been hitting the gym hard to keep his post-prison body right. Fans were amazed after he emerged from serving his sentence with a body so ripped he looked like Rambo! He's also declared it "Clap Back Season" and is constantly updating his followers with photos of his bulging muscles. The Sitch recently received some backlash after he was accused of using steroids to reach his physique. He shot down those accusations with a quickness, responding directly to the follower who threw out the claims. "I am flattered you think I am on performance enhancing substance but I am not," he wrote. The Situation pointed at his post-prison requirements as proof he's not using. “I am on probation and get tested biweekly for illegal substances," he added before slamming the follower. "What you see is hard work, determination, proper diet, exercise, muscle memory, intermittent fasting, prison and genetics. You should try it sometime!!"

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