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The Makeout:

The MTV star had a full makeout session with her boyfriend, Zack Clayton Carpinello, while the show was airing.

JWoww was at dinner with her co-stars Snooki, Deena Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick when her meatball sidekick turned the camera to the couple who were playing tonsil hockey.

Ronnie's Issue:

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Snooki also shot video of a lively JWoww talking at the table with the caption, "Live in the flesh," a direct response to Ronnie calling her BF a "corpse" while having a meltdown on Thursday's show.

In the episode, Ronnie slammed JWoww after she refused to talk about her divorce, saying it was BS because his relationship troubles with Jen Harley had always been fair game.

Ronnie's Quotes About JWoww:

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He basically said JWoww was "cold" and "fake," just like Harley.

Siding with her ex, Roger Mathews, Ronnie said, "We’re not asking for much, we’re just asking for real-life emotion."

Adding, “It’s the worst thing ever to be with someone and not know how they feel. You might as well f–king be with a f–king corpse.”

JWoww's Tweet:

JWoww took to Twitter this AM, responding to a comment from someone calling her a "hypocrite" and siding with Ronnie.

Her response seemingly took a jab at both Ronnie and her ex.

"This was in October when nothing was public. So no hypocrisy there sweetie ... I chose to keep this matter private for my Children," she wrote. "Some people like to put their shit out on Ig and not think about how that will affect their loved ones."

Ronnie's Real-Life Drama:

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Ronnie and Harley, who share a daughter, have struggled with putting their relationship drama on social media.

There's been multiple accusations of abuse and their problems have been a main focus on "Jersey Shore: Family Reunion."

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