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'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Shows Off Her New 'Band-Aid' BUTT LIFT -- See The Photos!!

By Mike Walters

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' star Angelina Pivarnick is showing off her new "Band-Aid butt lift" procedure and in perfect time for sporting a skimpy bikini for the 4th of July!

The reality star shared a photo of her plump backside on Instagram, and she documented the procedure a few days ago. At the time, she told her followers she was having it done because of lost volume due to weight fluctuations.

So, Angelina is showing off the perfect sculpting work done by her plastic surgeon and it is AWESOME!

Check Out The Photo!

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See Angelina's New & Approved Backside!!


"When you still have a small bruise on your butt cheeks but the bandaid butt lift is def paying off. Thank you @tutelaps 😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏼. Still have another session or two to go but I love the results sooo far. Book your appointment today !! He’s the absolute best and he’s a doll. Ps don’t mind my messy room lol. I was getting ready for the beach. Let me live. #butt #plump 🍑🍑🍑🍑 #butts" Angelina posted on IG.

As you can see, she is primed and ready to hit the pool for the Independence holiday!

'I Lost A Lot Of Volume Due To Fluctuations Of Weight Loss' -- Plump It Up Time!


As we reported, Angelina documented the procedure on video, and showed her followers why and how it was being done.

"We are doing something called a butt lift with Sculptra," she told her viewers.

She continued, "This is going to be very exciting for me because I lost a lot of volume in my butt due to fluctuation of weight loss and weight gain throughout the years. Let’s be honest, I don’t do squats."

The best part is we are guessing now that everything is healed up...she will be sharing more photos of her new cheeks from this holiday weekend!

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See The Shocking Butt-Lift Video!!


Angelina is not shy about sharing sexy snaps with her IG followers, including these lingerie shots -- but, it seems she was hiding the booty a bit in these photos and maybe that will now end!

'Jersey Shore' fans loved it and supported her decision to have the work done, saying, "You look great. If you can get it, f---ing get it. Who cares what people say."

"God, if perfection was a person, it would deff be you 😍😍," a fan added.

One person put it like this, "To be honest, if I had the $ I’d be getting my butt lifted, stomach flatter, my boobs are way to big..smaller perkier boobs. Do what you want to make yourself feel better. You look great Angelina!"

Go Get It!

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