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Jermaine Jackson Settles Divorce Battle, Won't Pay Spousal Support To Ex-Wife

By Ryan Naumann

Jermaine Jackson has reached a deal to end his nasty divorce battle with his now ex-wife Halima Rashid. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jackson and Rashid are each awarded any community property currently in their possession.

Rashid walks away with any interest in a water company along with her jewelry, clothes and earnings made before the marriage and after the separation. She gets to keep all her bank accounts and investments.

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Jackson walks away with his own personal belongings and all money made prior to the marriage. Per their deal, both parties terminate their right to spousal support forever.

He had been paying her $2,500 a month in temporary support.

Halima Rashid filed for divorce in 2016 following a domestic violence incident between the two where she allegedly bit his leg. The criminal case was dismissed by prosecutors. The two were married in 2004 and have no kids together.

Earlier this year, Jackson said his ex-wife transferred $250,000 of their money to a third party, and had been collecting his music royalties without his knowledge for years.

He claimed to have discovered late last year that his royalties were being diverted from him to his ex-wife at her direction. Jackson said since December 2017, she has collected a total of $93,991.12 which he says is his money.

Jackson also accused his ex of transferring $250k from their community assets to a company without permission. He beleived Rashid had sold off some of their cars despite them both having rights. In a letter written by his lawyer to hers, he calls her actions “criminal” and advises them to work out a resolution over the money and property being transferred or sold.

In the docs, Jackson revealed his monthly income is $13,952 but he has expenses totaling $10,934. The bills included $8k mortgage, $1,500 in child support and $1,000 on clothing. He noted he has a 23-year-old fiancée named Maday Velazquez who doesn’t contribute to the bills. Jackson also said he is behind $29k in child support to another woman.

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