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Jermaine Dupri Accused of Owing $20,000 in Back Taxes

By Ryan Naumann

Music producer Jermaine Dupri is accused of refusing to pay up on $20,000 in back taxes

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Dupri (real name: Jermaine Dupri) was hit with a lien by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

The Department accuses the music producer of owing money on his 2017 tax bill. The outstanding debt is $17,714.33.

The original bill was only $12,409 but grew with interest ($1,320.32), penalties ($1,453.21) and collection costs ($2,481.80).

The lien warns the producer to pay up quickly, or they will begin the process of seizing his assets.

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Another lien was filed against Dupri by Fayette County Tax Department. The lien accuses him of owing property taxes. The total amount owed was $4,630 but swelled with interest. The lien claims Dupri owes a total of $5,411.76.


Dupri has had a history of financial issues, even losing his Georgia mansion to foreclosure in 2014. The Georgia Department of Revenue has been handing out tax liens left and right.

Gettyimages | Andrew Toth

Rapper Young Thug was hit with two separate liens for failing to pay $175,000 in taxes.

The first lien accuses Thug of owing on his 2014 tax bill. The original amount owed was only $16,451.27.

The amount has swelled over the years with interest ($6,225.31), penalties ($4,178.03) and collection costs ($3,290.25). Thug is now on the hook to the Department for $30,19486.

Back in July, The Georgia Department of Revenue filed a separate lien against Thug. The lien accused him of owing a total of $145,794.03 for 2015. The original balance owed was only $85,254 but grew with interest ($21,125.88), penalties ($22,313.35) and other costs to the current debt.

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