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She's Her Own Wonder Woman


We all love Jennifer Lopez, and it's clear she can do just about anything she puts her mind to. She's done plenty of singing, can dance circles around the best of us, and is a good actress to boot. We can set aside her performance in Maid In Manhattan, which is a mostly regrettable film.

Given her qualifications, it's really not surprising to learn this latest news about Batman, a role that actor Robert Pattinson recently snagged.

Meeting Of the Minds


Pattinson and Lopez sat down recently to talk about their respective careers and possible future projects for a Variety interview series called "Actors On Actors."

In the interview, Lopez congratulates Pattinson's new role, an iconic one at that. “You’re going to be Batman," she said, and added that she thinks that movie is going to be a huge success.

Stars often like to compliment one another because that's just a polite thing to do. “I think you’ll be a great Batman…an awesome Batman,” she told him.

Let's All Be Batman


Pattinson returned the favor, saying “You too. You would be, as well.”

It was kind of surprising to hear that, but Lopez also entertained the idea as the interview progressed.

“I could be Batman too. I could be Batman," Lopez repeated, as if the idea was settling in her head. And it seemed she was growing more comfortable with the thought by the minute.

“Why not?" she then said.

And there isn't any reason why she couldn't.

She Can Handle It


Really, why not? She could totally play the Caped Crusader. And maybe it's high time that she did.

We already have some new female superheroes that have begun to grace movie screens recently. There was a very successful film about Wonder Woman; that role was played by Gal Gadot. The recent Captain Marvel movie was another hit. Brie Larson played the character in the 2019 film.

J.Lo dressed in all black, saving the good guys and crushing the bad ones, seems like a fun thing to envision.

Give Her a Shot

Giphy | TIFF

In May of this year, Pattinson, who is probably best known as playing a vampire in the Twilight films, was tapped the play the comic-book superhero in May.

This new iteration of Batman will be helmed by Matt Reeves, with a expected release date of June 2021. The cast list continues to fill out -- Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano and Andy Serkis are all expected to join the film.

Pattinson is also out promoting his new movie The Lighthouse, which also stars Willem Dafoe. So there's plenty to go around for male actors. Maybe the next Batman movie after this one will feature a female actress instead.

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