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Giphy | Hustlers

Even though there isn't much material to the clothes Jennifer Lopez wears in her new film Hustlers, the outfits still took plenty of planning.

Mitchell Travers, the costume designer for the movie, talked to Vanity Fair about what went into picking out Lopez's skimpy outfits.

That outfit was so small that Travers says he could ball it up and fit it in his hand. When he brought it to Lopez, he was worried:

“I held it up, and I said, ‘I know that this is crazy, but I really believe in this.’ And she said, ‘Let’s go. I think I do too.’”

The final sewing on the outfit had to be done with Lopez wearing it to ensure it fit just right and that she could move with it on.

Hustlers was released last Friday and so far has an 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is based on a true story of female strippers who come up with a money-making scheme during the 2008 economic collapse in New York City.

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