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Just Poppin' In For a Ring


Jennifer Garner got a call from the one and only Julie Andrews recently, and she reacted exactly how any one of us would react to hear from Mary Poppins. Garner also shared her charming reactions to the royal phone call, and it's adorable.

Hearing From Your Idol Looks Like This

You can actually see Garner practically melt into the floor as, dumbfounded, she chats with Andrews.

Garner hides her face, yells, kicks her leg up and then sinks down off the couch.

Big News


Garner says Katie Couric facilitated the call, because she knows how much the actress loves the British icon.

"@katiecouric asked @julieandrews to call me. It was a surprise. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn this, but I love her. . #NextQuestionwithKatieCouric with Dame Andrews is out tomorrow. ♥️♥️ Happy Thanksgiving to all of us. #zerochill #thankyoukatie #♥️🤗♥️"

The Same

People understood exactly how Garner felt:

macro_butterfly told her: "Lol I had to come and follow you just because of this. I’d react the same way."

Garner is loved herself for being an actual real mom, once posting a picture of herself trying to get her kids to school on time.

Call Of a Lifetime


So Couric was on the call as well, and thank God, because what if Garner accidentally hung up from all the excitement?

Andrews apparently told Garner that she's a big fan of hers. Then when Couric suggested they meet for lunch, Garner covered her mouth, silently said, "oh my gosh" and pulled at her shirt. That's what anyone would do.

It's doubtful Garner would be eating any food, since she'd probably be nervous, but yeah, she'll take that lunch.

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