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Jennifer Garner Doesn't Give a Cluck That Her Daughter's Chicken Is Dead

By Whitney Vasquez

Jennifer Garner put her daughter's chicken out to pasture and cooked up a bizarre video commemorating their pet's final hours.

The award winning actress just announced their Olive Egger chicken, Gonnyi, passed away on Wednesday, but doesn't appear to really give a cluck about their dead farm animal.

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The video is epic.

After driving and carrying Gonnyi's giant cage to the vet, she notices the flock of employees outside chowing down on not the most appropriate meal choice considering her soon-to-be dead bird.

"Don't look now, but the vet techs are eating Chick-fil-A," she said giggling.

That's when Ben Affleck's ex wife takes the footage inside and you won't believe what happens next.

What a Mess!


Gonnyi was not feeling the vet and tried to do what any sensible chicken would, which is, fly the coop!!!

Being a responsible pet owner, it was Jennifer Garner's job to get Gonnyi out of the cage, which really ruffled his feathers.

No, literally, he made a mess and Garner had to sweep it up! It's actually refreshing to see an Emmy nominee with a broom in hand.



"I think this might be goodbye, so good luck," she stated as she handed Gonnyi over to the vet.

"God be with you. You've been a very nice chicken."

Garner ended up revealing exactly what went wrong with the chick. Gonnyi suffered from "a prolapsed rectum and another undetermined mass in her nether regions."

That explains Garner's earlier detection that "all her insides are comin' out."

Words of Wisdom:

Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea

While Garner's video comes off a little fowl, at least she cracked some kind words to pay tribute to Gonnyi.

"RIP Gonnyi," she began. "Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet Olive Egger, Gonnyi."

Turning the focus to her daughter, she adds, "Thanks to my daughter’s consistent loving care, this chicken lived a very good life."

And what a good clucking life it was!


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