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Jennifer Aniston Plays Fiery News Anchor in 'Morning Show' Teaser With Reese Witherspoon

By Ryan Naumann

Reese Witherspoon has released the first preview of her Apple show “The Morning Show” and the footage shows Jennifer Aniston is playing quite the diva.

Witherspoon posted a 1-minute video teaser writing, “Here’s a first look at @TheMorningShow, coming to Apple TV + this fall! ☕️”

In the video, you hear voiceovers of Witherspoon, Aniston and Steve Carell in character from the upcoming show. The trio quote dramatic lines from episodes as we get a first look at the show set.

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The video pans around backstage of a morning news show showing the set and offices.

During the video, Aniston can be heard shouting, “Guess what, America Loves Me!”

Gettyimages | Michael Short

Other Aniston highlights include her saying, “Don’t you ever question my integrity in my own house again” and “I can guarantee that you are underestimating me.”

The “Friends” actress is also quoted as saying “I don’t need to justify anything” and “We are doing this MY way”.


No actual footage of the show has been released yet and the teaser only makes our mouth water for more.

“The Morning Show” is a “a high stakes drama that pulls back the curtain on early morning TV” with Aniston and Carrell featured as news anchors.


Apple reportedly paid out the big bucks to lure Witherspoon and Aniston to star in the scripted series.

Reports have the two pulling in a total of $1.25 million per episode to Aniston and Witherspoon, with Apple ordering a total of 20-episodes. The amount is said to include not only their acting salary but fees for executive producing and backend points.

The show premieres this fall.

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