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Jennifer Aniston Dishes On 'Friends' Reunion During Howard Stern Interview

By Gary Trock

Jennifer Aniston finally sat down for an interview with Howard Stern and revealed a ton of information about the possibility for a "Friends" reunion, as well as which co-stars she couldn't stand back in the days of Central Perk.

Aniston joined The King of All Media while he's in Los Angeles breaking in the new SiriusXM radio studios, and was revealed as the final surprise guest on Monday following amazing interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Downey Jr.

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It turns out the "Friends" star had never sat down for a reveal with Stern, despite being personal friends with the radio star for years.

She did make one small appearance back in the 80s when a 20-year-old Aniston was part of a promotional feature while working for NutriSystem, but she was not a household name at the time.

During Monday's lengthy interview, where Aniston touched on everything from her surprisingly successful start in Hollywood, to her upcoming Apple TV+ series, "The Morning Show," she also revealed some news about "Friends."

The star explained that the entire cast recently got together for dinner, which was a huge feat that had never been able to get done due to conflicting schedules.

Aniston explained all the stars got together at Courteney Cox's house, and "we laughed a lot."

She admits that all of the stars "miss" being on "Friends" every day and that she "would be nothing" without her time on the series.


Cox had in fact shared a photo of the dinner days earlier, but only showed Aniston and Matt LeBlanc in the photo. She left out that the rest of the cast was also in the house that evening.

"A rare night and I love it," Cox had captioned the photo.

Stern prodded Aniston to reveal which of her co-stars she couldn't stand back in the day, but the star didn't even miss a beat and admitted that everyone genuinely loved each other.

"Lighting in a bottle," she described as the relationship among her co-stars.


Stern then asked Aniston the question every "Friends" fan wants to know ... will there ever be a reunion?

He even asked how much money would have to be raised to get all the high-priced talent on board.


"Not much," Aniston answered. However, she explained that "I honestly think we would love it ... however, there is an idea that if there is a reboot of the show it will not be even close to what it was … it would ruin it."

There ya have it ... it's not happening. But, after hearing Aniston describe the reason not to do a reboot, maybe it's better to leave "Friends" the glorious show we all remember instead of trying to breathe life into a fresh take.

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