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"Friends" Still Strong In Syndication

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Jennifer Aniston has been a beloved actress and TV personality ever since "Friends" hit the airwaves. And her style on the show was integral to her character.

During an interview with Bustle, Aniston said that she still wears a certain dress -- one that she got from Courteny Cox' "Friends" closet.

She Didn't Take the Pink Bridesmaid's Dress

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"I still have a dress that I still wear to this day that I stole from Monica’s closet," Aniston says in the story.

It's apparently a yellow mini dress with small flowers on it.

"It’s this dress. It’s darker with yellow mini, teeny flowers. It’s got a little lace here and lace here <points to her waist> and a cap sleeve, cut on the bias to here <points to her legs>. I wore it two weeks ago. I love it."

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Aniston also says that she and Cox would share other clothes on "Friends," to varying levels of success.

"Me and Court would pretty much dress ourselves. And sometimes she would try to steal a pair of pants and put it in hers and I’d be like, 'no, no, no, no, no, no.' "

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