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Jenna Dewan Hates On Beyoncé's Early Strut & Immediately Worries About Beyhive Backlash

By Whitney Vasquez

Jenna Dewan is scared she'll be the latest target of Beyoncé's beyhive after she made the bold move of hating on the superstar.

The pregnant "World of Dance" star made the mistake of critiquing Bey's early strut, and she's worried she just pissed off the singer's highly vocal fans.

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The Walk:


Dewan appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" to promote her new book on Wednesday and when Andy Cohen asked the dancer what her biggest pet peeve about pop stars who dance is, she responded, "When they walk."

Getting up to give an example, the mom-to-be demonstrated the difference of just walking vs. walking "through your feet."

Oh, Hell NO!


Cohen followed that up by asking which singer is most guilty of that, to which Dewan had a surprising answer.

"Y'all are going to all kill me. But back in the day, Beyonce did that," she responded.

The pregnant star quickly added, "But now she walks perfectly through her heels. But back in the day I'd always be like, 'Why are you walking like that?'"

Knowing it was likely she just woke up the hive, Dewan said, "The whole world is about to come for me right now. Beyhive, Beyhive, I love Bey!"

Where's the Backlash?


Interestingly enough, the beyhive hasn't swarmed to defend their queen.

Maybe it's because Dewan had a smooth recovery.

When asked if the pro dancer has ever worked with Bey, she replied, "No, but I, like, worship her. She's amazing."

"I think the chances just went down," Cohen quipped.

Dewan agreed and said with an apologetic face, "I know, I don't think I'm being hired."

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