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Will She Or Won't She?

Gettyimages | John Lamparski

"Teen Mom 2" former member Jenelle Evans has hinted that she might make a return to the MTV show, though there is no confirmation of anything right now.

Evans Took To Instagram, Naturally


Evans recently made an Instagram story, when "Teen Mom" viewers asked her how she was making money since she was kicked off the show amid the whole David Eason / Nugget-killing controversy.

Sounds Like She and MTV Have Been Talking


The way Evans puts it, she's just waiting on the word from TV, adding that she has plenty of other opportunities awaiting her.

“I’ve always had other jobs besides MTV, so I’ve always been working. I also have a lot of open opportunities but waiting on answers from my old job," Evans told fans on Instagram.

When she was asked about what "old job," she said "MTV."

Says She's Under Contract

Evans also says she still has a contract with the television network, but she's not making any money from them right now.

Jade Cline replaced Evans on the show after Evans revealed she made up the story about Nugget being killed (although her husband, Eason, admitted killing the dog.) It's all a big mess.

The show is in its ninth season now and Evans is nowhere in sight, so we'll see where this goes.

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