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Jenelle Evans And David Eason Adopt Two Puppies Amid Dog-Killing Scandal

Instagram / YouTube
By Emily Reily

As the dog-killing scandal simmers regarding "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, the two have adopted puppies.

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Meet Buddy and Junior

Eason posted a lengthy video of the brood, called, fittingly, "Meet our new puppies Buddy and Junior."

The video begins with images of their several chickens and roosters, which Eason feeds as he talks about them.

The family's two Anatolian Shepherd puppies, Buddy and Junior, are then introduced.

Eason seems to have been very taken with them, saying the dogs "follow me everywhere I go."

The family has been mired in controversy since Eason allegedly shot and killed their French bulldog, Nugget, for being hostile toward their daughter, Ensley.

Later, Jenelle allegedly said the shooting story was made up, and no one really knows what happened to Nugget.

Jax Out Of the Picture

Eason says in the video that they gave away their dog Jax, a pit bull, because he was killing their chickens:

"Recently we had to find a better way of protecting our chickens and livestock. We have hawks and crows always eating the heads off our chickens and plastic owls are not doing the trick. Our pit bull Jax killed and maimed one of our pigs that was around 80 pounds. With that in mind plus the many chickens Jax killed and ate we decided to give him to a friend," Eason says.

One Big Happy Family

Eason says they decided upon the Anatolian Shepherds because they're a livestock guardian breed.

Both puppies do seem really sweet, calm and gentle, so we hope this is a new beginning for them.

"They are one of the most unique types of dog I have ever seen and have the best temperament and disposition of any dog I have ever owned," he says.

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