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Jenelle Evans' Husband Threatened With Legal Action Over New Craft Company

By Gary Trock

Jenelle Evans and her husband are trying to break away from reality TV, but are already feeling the heat of controversy from a company who doesn't want any affiliation with the stars.

David Eason has started up his own wood and metalwork shop in the hopes of mastering the craft and peddling his wares on Etsy.

He was initially marketing his business as Black River Forge, which seriously upset another company in Texas ... also named Black River Forge.


After "Teen Mom" fans graciously let the Texas blacksmiths know their name could be confused for an affiliation with the disgraced MTV stars, they issued a stern warning to Eason's new business.

In an official statement, Black River Forge says:

"David Eason is not currently, and has never been, a member of our cooperative. He has never had any affiliation with our group in any capacity. Until August 7th, 2019, we had never even heard of him. Any use of our name, graphics, likeness, or identity is done so entirely without our permission."

They add that, "We would prefer to avoid pursuing legal action, but are prepared to do so if necessary."


It didn't take long for Eason to feel the burn of a pending lawsuit, because over the weekend he changed the name on his Instagram account to Black River Metal and Wood.

Jenelle came to the defense of her man, telling fans, "‪Black River is where David grew up and was raised in Currie, NC. He hasn’t sold any merchandise and doesn’t even have an online store yet. Y’all hating just to hate. Jumping into conclusions so soon."

She also claimed David had already secured trademarks for his own Black River company, yet according to USPTO records, there doesn't seem to be an active filing for Eason.


Still, the threat of a legal war hasn't slowed down Eason, who continues to hone his craft.

He just finished up a leather bracelet for his daughter, Maryssa, and one for Jenelle.

"Im just making these little bracelets for the family and practicing at the same time. Now that so many people are asking to buy them I might put some on my Etsy account soon," he explained.

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