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Jeffree Star Unbothered By Boyfriend Andre Marhold’s Baby Mama

By Ryan Naumann

Jeffree Star is unfazed by the pleas of his boyfriend Andre Marhold’s ex-girlfriend.

Earlier this month, Jeffree debuted his new man on social media and things immediately got messy. 30-year-old Andre’s ex-girlfriend along with his baby mama both came out upset about his new relationship.

Jeffree posted a video in response to the criticism. He told everyone, “And don’t worry who I’m sucking and fucking, take it easy y’all. Take it easy. Jeffree Lynn is enjoying herself. And some of y’all hate to see joy, well bitch, well you are worrying about it I’m still getting sucked and fuc-ed. So take a deep breath girl, inhale it.”

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He appears to continue to be unbothered and posted a video og him walking Andre’s hand during a sunset walk. One fan wrote to the trolls, "It's crazy how people keep demanding for "change" and "improvement" yet continue to be selective and biased with their hatred towards certain individuals. Just how exactly is it that we expect to have equality and peace when people pick and choose who to accept and who to attack"

Jeffree added, “Worry about how to pay your own bills, not who’s in my mouth Hundred points symbol Thank you, God bless - Upper management.”

As The Blast previously reported, Andre’s baby mama didn’t hold back her feelings on social media. She wrote directly to Andre pleading for him to return home and leave Jeffree.


She wrote, “payer can’t get me thru this. I need you. the petty arguments drove you away. I always feared this day would come but not while our son was still in diapers, I will not let you down if you come home. Just be here when we wake up. Please! I can’t sleep without you please baby. I am literally going crazy.”

She added, “My son needs a Dad. I don’t want another man raising him. You promised me. You promised US! I don’t care about the embarrassment. I need the world to know that I really need you. I’ll do anything to get this back. But don’t give up on your faily, for someone who’s gonna give up on you!"

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