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Jeffree Star Goes Off On Twitter Over Boyfriend Andre Marhold Drama

By Ryan Naumann

Jeffree Star is trying to shut down rumors he broke up his boyfriend Andre Marhold’s relationship with the mother of his child.

The internet personality unleashed on Twitter this morning, He wrote, “I don’t hang out with married men. I’m not going to repeat myself again so read it twice Face throwing a kiss Marriage licenses are public record. Common sense is not so common.”

He addressed the accusations Andre is only with him for his money. Jeffree said, “Remember when I heard "he's only with you for the money" for 5 years with Nathan? I'm so bored of that rhetoric 😴” Nathan is Jeffree’s ex-boyfriend.

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Jeffree had words for people confused about Andre being bisexual. He said, “The concept of being attracted to both genders, still REALLY has some people confused.”

Earlier this month, Jeffree revealed his new romance with an Instagram photo of him sitting in Andre's lap. The relationship immediately got messy when Andre's ex-girlfriend and baby mama called him out.

The mother of Andre’s child wrote, “I seen the signs. I ignored them. I put my life on the line for you and your career.”


She added, “I held you down and you know I stepped out of my comfort zone in every way possible. I did things for you that I didn’t even feel comfortable doing but this is what I get. I ignored the fucking signs! Just one call to explain all of this would be great that’s all I ask.”

His ex said, “payer can’t get me thru this. I need you. the petty arguments drove you away. I always feared this day would come but not while our son was still in diapers, I will not let you down if you come home. Just be here when we wake up. Please! I can’t sleep without you please baby. I am literally going crazy.”

Amid the controversy, Jeffree released a video telling the haters to mind their business. “He said, “And don’t worry who I’m sucking and fucking, take it easy y’all. Take it easy. Jeffree Lynn is enjoying herself. And some of y’all hate to see joy, well bitch, well you are worrying about it I’m still getting sucked and fuc-ed. So take a deep breath girl, inhale it.”

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