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Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend Andre Marhold’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She Has Receipts To Prove He Sent XXX Videos

By Ryan Naumann

Jeffree Star’s boyfriend Andre Marhold’s ex-girlfriend says she has evidence to back up her claims about him.

Earlier this month, Jeffree debuted his new romance with 30-year-old basketball player Andre. Soon after they made the announcement, Andre’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama both spoke out about the situation.

They both claimed to be shocked Andre was with Jeffree. His baby mama claimed he abandoned her with their child. She pleaded for him to return home to her in a lengthy statement posted to her social media accounts.

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He told everyone, “And don’t worry who I’m sucking and fucking, take it easy y’all. Take it easy. Jeffree Lynn is enjoying herself. And some of y’all hate to see joy, well bitch, well you are worrying about it I’m still getting sucked and fuc-ed. So take a deep breath girl, inhale it.”

Andre’s ex-girlfriend tweet, “My ex on the shade room for fucking Jeffree Starr is not how I planned to start my day.” She added, “he doesn’t even like black people …….”

She added, “Well you should tell the people you’re fucking not to send me sexual videos from your home. And I’m not your sis...not sure you’re the same species.”


Many people accused her of lying about having the proof. She fired back writing, “You the one chasing clout you want attention so you go! Why would I lie? Y’all keep playing with me on this internet shit and keep looking stupid a whole day has passed my life went on and y’all are pressed. I have receipts for days. Rolling on the floor laughing.”

As The Blast previously reported, Jeffree’s past of alleged racist incidents resurfaced on social media following him revealing his new romance. In the past, the internet personality has been caught on tape using the N-word repeatedly along with racial slurs.

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