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Jeff Bezos Has Street Cred Now

By TheBlast Staff

Julian Edelman may be the MVP of Super Bowl LIII, but he's not nearly as cool as Jeff Bezos.

Tyga shared a photo of himself and rapper Won-G with the Amazon CEO, taken over Super Bowl weekend. Won-G wrote Bezos is "a great person with a big Heart," adding, "I'm so happy to be your friend and to study and learn your method to success."

Tyga and Won-G weren't the only hip-hop stars seeking out friendship and financial wisdom with the, newly controversial, billionaire. Meek Mill shared a photo of himself partying with Robert Kraft, Bezos and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner, Michael Rubin. They heavy hitters attended Kraft's private pre-Super Bowl party, where comedian David Spade performed.

And while it wasn't great publicity, getting caught with an attractive sidepiece obviously didn't hurt his rep too much, as he has continued to attend very public events.

Instagram: @meekmill

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