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Jax Taylor May Not Appear in the Next Season of 'Vanderpump Rules'

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By Natalie Hunter

Jax Taylor has been in hot water numerous times throughout the season. From cheating scandals to arrests, he does not have a squeaky clean reputation. Unfortunately marrying Brittany Cartwright has not made his image any tidier. He has taken his heinous behavior from reality TV show 'Vanderpump Rules' to twitter. After attacking twitter user 47_Mike with homophobic comments, fans urge for Lisa Vanderpump to fire Jax Taylor from the show. The Twitter feud began when 47_Mike responded to the National Hockey League's tweet asking about jerseys saying that they should get a new jersey designer.

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While the tweet is seemingly completely unrelated to Jax, Jax responds to 47_Mike's tweet with a new set of homophobic comments. On November 2nd at 6:57 PM, Jax posted, "Your type of guy who is in a frat and claims he loves women, but secretly is bending over his roommate ‘chadd’ while wearing boat shoes. 20 bucks says I hit the nail on the head." 47_Mike had a pretty solid comeback posting articles about Jax Taylor's wedding from Page Six.


The articles were titled "Vanderpump Rules' Brittany Cartwright Reveals How She Learned to Trust Jax Taylor After Cheating Scandal" and "Jax and Brittany's pastor says he won't officiate wedding after anti-LGTBQ Wedding." Ironically, Jax responds to 47_Mike's tweet with a new set of homophobic commentsA little over fifteen minutes later, he pushed the envelope even further stating, " Buddy I look a lot better than you right now. Feel sorry for that fiance of yours, how the hell did you get a female to be your beard. Poor girl," covering another topic from the Page Six articles: marriage.

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Fans are outraged by these comments. They are now calling Jax Taylor homophobic and pushing for him to be removed from the show. Taylor is trying to fight the claims. He tweeted about 50% of his friends being gay and marching in 4 gay parades so he can't be gay, right? Unfortunately, many fans don't agree with his philosophy. 'Vanderpump Rules' is notorious for being supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. It is one of the most popular hot spots for the pride parade. The event is featured annually on the TV show. Lisa Vanderpump is a well-renowned advocate for the LGTBQ+ community. Because of her strong views, it is likely that Lisa does not support the hurtful remarks made by Jax Taylor. However, at this point, it is unclear whether they will actually affect his spot on the TV show.

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