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Jason Momoa Lets Kids Play With 'Aquaman' Trident

By TheBlast Staff

Jason Momoa is committing the cardinal sin of the underwater kingdom, letting civilians play with his Trident of Neptune!

Aquaman posted a video showing three of his friend's kids playing with the superhero's trident, sword, and quindent. Now, we can't be sure if these are the actual props from the movie, but if they're not, they're spot on replicas.

In the hilarious footage, Momoa is chasing after the kids as they have some fun in and around the pool, taunting him with the weapons. Playfully yelling things like, "Come back here with my sword!" and "That's my Quindent, you little monkey!" the actor is clearly enjoying the attention.

Or maybe he's trying to deflect from the controversy surrounding the first "Aquaman" movie poster. DC fans had a field day this week when the art was revealed showing Aquaman underwater and wearing leather pants.

The film's director, James Wan, defended the wardrobe choice on Twitter, saying, "Because he’s Jason Foockin’ Momoa!!! You want him wearing swimming trunks?? or pantless! He’s already half naked for goodness sake."

BTW, we vote option #2! ?

Jason Mamoa on the poster for Aquaman
Warner Bros. Pictures

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