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Jason Mitchell Accused by Showrunner of 'The Chi' of Targeting Her for Reporting Him to HR

By TheBlast Staff

Actor Jason Mitchell's behavior on the set of “The Chi” was allegedly so bad, he had to undergo HR training after multiple women complained about his behavior.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, second-season showrunner Ayanna Floyd revealed she also had issues with Mitchell and claimed the show's creator, Lena Waithe, was well aware of his problems. She said everyone involved with production knew of Mitchell’s behavior.

She claimed that multiple complaints were filed against Mitchell with human resources. Floyd says the actor made her a target when he found out she told an actress to report his alleged behavior.

The report says Mitchell had to undergo HR training but he allegedly failed to change his conduct.

Jason Mitchell was fired from “The Chi” following Netflix dropping him from “Desperados.” Netflix allegedly fired him after he made actresses uncomfortable immediately after arriving on set in Mexico.

Netflix investigated the situation after the actor allegedly made “highly inappropriate remarks to two actresses in the film.”

Mitchell was also dropped by his talent agent and his management team.

Tiffany Boone, who plays Jerrika on "The Chi," reportedly complained to producers about Mitchell allegedly sexually harassing her. She claimed to feel unsafe while shooting scenes with the actor.

Boone was not the only one to complain about the star, with multiple women allegedly having issues with the actor.

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