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Jana Kramer Says Podcast With Husband, Mike Caussin, Is 'Couple's Therapy' For Marriage

All's Fair Podcast
By Mike Walters

Jana Kramer says one key to a strong marriage is having a successful podcast with your husband that can double as couples therapy!

The country singer and actress sat down with the queen of celebrity divorces, Laura Wasser, for her hugely popular podcast 'All's Fair' to discuss the rough patches in her marriage to Mike Caussin. The pair discussed her time apart from her husband, and navigating a celebrity split, from someone who knows more about it than anyone on the planet.

During the interview, Kramer admitted her podcast, 'Whine Down,' "kind of became our couple's therapy in a way and it’s really strengthened our marriage to be able to talk about things and be open about stuff. It’s been really good for us.”

Jana Kramer: I'm Going To Do Everything I Can To Fight For This Family


Interestingly, during the interview, Laura Wasser mentions that infidelity is NOT the #1 cause of divorce, and 'growing apart' is the reason most often given.

As you know, Kramer and Caussin split in 2016 after he admitted to cheating on his wife and was treated for sex addiction.

In discussing the infidelity and being able to move past it, getting Kramer said, “I think anything is possible. It has to be two people constantly working together and on themselves as well."

“How unfair…because of his addiction and his issues that he now is going to tear my family apart," she said describing her initial reaction.

She contiuned, "Everything that I have worked so hard for and I don’t want another woman raising my daughter. I am going to do everything I can to fight for this family. It’s been a rocky four years.”

Jana Kramer to Laura Wasser -- "Time Heals All Wounds, But It Still Hurts"


"If I was to put myself back…I would have said 'I’ll never not feel this pain.'" Jana recalled.

Adding, "I can say now that since so much time has passed, it doesn’t feel as heavy...with time and therapy and two people working on themselves, two people working together on their relationship, the scars can heal.”

At this point, the couple is back together and stronger than ever. “Time heals all wounds but it still hurts," she told Wasser. Adding, “Mike has taught me how to forgive.”

Hear The Great Interview!


Like the rest of us, the two spent time in quarantine together, and Wasser asked a great question if Kramer could cook along with all her other skills. As you know, Jana is a renaissance woman who has conquered the world of music and television.

She answered 'No' and explained her husband does most of the cooking. “I almost divorced him before the COVID stuff and I was like when COVID hit, we probably would have gotten back together cause our kids would have starved.”

Click Here To Hear The Whole Interview On Laura Wasser's 'All's Fair'

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