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Jake Owen Put A Troll In Her Place After She Disapproved Of His Pro-LGBT Post

By Lynne Versluys

Jake Owen put his allyship into action for Pride month.

Support For Pride Month

Country star Jake Owen is doing some fun cover songs to celebrate Pride month, citing friends and family in the LGBT+ community as his inspiration for the project. He said in a post on Instagram:

I believe #loveislove. Some of my closest friends and coworkers, are part of the #lgbt community and I couldn’t be more happy for the progress they have made. I’m inspired by people loving people no matter who you are. I BELIEVE the world needs more love. No matter where it comes from. So with that said, I googled “gayest” songs of all time and the boys and I decided to put our country spin on Cher’s “Believe.” Hope you dig. I plan on releasing all of these backstage random songs we’ve created very very soon. Stay tuned friends, and most importantly, love everyone.

Most Fans Are On Board

Giphy | Jake Owen

Most fans on Owen' Instagram post were supportive, thanking him for his message and what it meant to them and their families.

There's Always A Troll

Giphy | Jake Owen

However, one woman claimed that Owen deleted one of her comments and had this to say about his support for the LGBT+ community:

"Suddenly I feel sick that I have tickets to your show here on Thursday night"

A Message Of Love

Giphy | Jake Owen

Owen responded to the troll with a message of love, but also reminded her that hate had no place on his page.

"I'm sorry you feel sick that you have tickets to my show Thursday night. Maybe it would do you good to come out, smile, laugh, sing a long with a bunch of strangers that are all going through what we call 'life.' I definitely didn’t delete your comment or anyone’s comment from this feed. It’s really only you and few other ignorant people that make yourself look silly."

He even offered to meet the woman after his show.

"If you make it out to my show, come give me a hug. You need one. If you decide not to come, trust me... we will all be okay. We like to share our shows with people that are kind, and loving."

Go, Jake!

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