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Do Jada Pinkett & Will Smith Have An Open Marriage? Here Is Their Answer...

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez
By Mike Walters

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith say they are 'life partners' but does that mean they have dated other people or have any open marriage?!

Well, if you look at the couple's answers to that question over the years, it gives a clear indication of whether or not August Alsina is telling the truth about being in a relationship with the 'Red Table Talk' host.

Rumors have been swirling about the Smith's possible open marriage for many years, and Jada first addressed them in 2013.

See What They Said...

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'I've Always Told Will, You Can Do Whatever You Want'


"I've always told Will, 'You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay,'" Jada told Huffington Post.

She contiuned, "Because at the end of the day, Will is his own man. I'm here as his partner, but he is his own man. He has to decide who he wants to be and that's not for me to do for him. Or vice versa."

As we reported, musician August Alsina claims he had a romantic relationship with Pinkett while she was still married to Will, but says the 'Fresh Prince' star was aware and fine with the situation.

For the record, Jada has denied the relationship with August.

But, the open marriage subject came up again in 2015...

'He's Got All The Freedom In The World'


In 2015, Jada Pinkett Smith told Howard Stern...

"Here's the deal with that, Howard, you've got to trust who you're with. And at the end of the day, I'm not here to be anybody’s watcher."

She added, "I'm not his watcher. He's a grown man. Here's what I trust — I trust that the man that Will is, is the man of integrity. So, he's got all the freedom in the world. As long as Will can look himself in the mirror and be okay, I’m good."

So, is that a yes?

Well, the next few times Jada spoke about the situation it appeared she was starting to lean towards NOT having an open marriage.

'This Does NOT Mean We Have An Open Relationship!'


"Just because your man is attracted to another woman, does not mean he doesn't love you. That's not what it means," she said. But she added, "And it doesn't mean he's going to act on it. If your man can't really see another woman's beauty, how the hell is he going to see yours?"

Jada wanted to be clear, writing on Facebook, "Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we want, because we TRUST each other to do so. This does NOT mean we have an open relationship...this means we have a GROWN one."

It's a bit confusing but sounds like it's not as 'open' as it once sounded.

'We've Never Been Scientologists, We've Never Been Swingers'


Will and Jada addressed the situation once more while appearing on her Facebook show, 'Red Table Talk,' where the question came up about the couple being swingers.

As you know, back in 2017, Will Smith denied that specific rumor but the couple addressed in again the next year.

"Let's clear some rumors, just to have it on record," Will said.

He continued, "We've never been Scientologists, we've never been swingers." Jada agreed with Will's statement saying, "that's a very specific lifestyle!"

In the end, it's unclear if either of them actually were in any type of romantic relationship outside of the marriage, but one thing is clear, they are not getting a divorce. It was "never even a consideration. I had been divorced before. I wasn't getting divorced again," Will said.

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