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Jada Pinkett Smith Shows Off Her Booty in Hilarious Video For Jaden's Water Company

By Jeff Mazzeo

Jada Pinkett Smith is spilling her secret in a comical ad for her son, Jaden's water company.

The "Red Table Talk" star shared the funny video on her Instagram to celebrate JUST water's partnership with CVS.

"You're welcome Jaden," Jada wrote, "the first one is free."

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Will Says Back Off


She ended her playful caption with, "Sip my secret."

However, Will Smith also shared the video and wrote, "Y’all better NOT sip her secret."

Rockin' Everywhere


The hilarious video shows Jada sensually walking on the beach and emerging from the ocean.

What's funny about the video is Jada's narration. One scene shows her exiting the ocean holding a box of water while her booming voice says, "A seahorse gave me this."

"Why am I showering outside?" Jada's voice asks as she is rinsing off.

The voice then jokes about the camera shots, "This shot is too close, this shot is too far."

"There's my booty," the voice says when the video shows a close up of Smith's backside in a swimsuit.

Jaden Is The Big Winner


At the end of the ad, it shows the CVS logo and jokingly states that "No JUST water was wasted in the filming of this. No empty Just cartons were left on the beach, and all were recycled."

The consumer wins, the environment wins, everybody wins... well, mostly Jaden because this ad will make him even richer.

It's been reported that his water company is valued at $100 million.

JUST water has boxing facilities in the US, UK, and Australia and boasts distribution in 15,000 retail stores in North America.

Is there anything the Smith Family can't do?

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