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Ivanka Trump's Wardrobe Malfunction at the UN Gets Chilly Reaction

By Gary Trock

Maybe Ivanka Trump should have been talking about climate change!

President Donald Trump's daughter made headlines this week while speaking at a meeting on religious freedom at the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

At the same time, hundreds of world leaders had gathered for the climate summit during the UN General Assembly.

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Ivanka first stirred up controversy after she praised President Trump for becoming, "the 1st President of the United States to host a meeting at the United Nations on religious freedom."

Many social media users, including Mia Farrow, responded by reminding Ivanka of the "Muslim Ban," and the travel restrictions the president has put on Middle Eastern countries.


The big dust up, however, was caused by Ivanka's outfit ... and the fact that her nipples could be seen through her thin blouse.

Twitter users immediately began goofing on the First Daughter for her unfortunate situation.

"Not sure how she expects to be taken seriously when her nipples could cut glass through her shirt and her dad is...well...The Donald. Enough said," one person wrote.

Another commented that, "Ivanka Trump looked disgusting--nipples protruding--in her blue shirt before the UN. Very very disrespectful."

A third person took the conspiracy route, and thought the incident was meant to be a distraction from other political drama: "Ivanka was intentionally wearing nipple falsies. She wasn’t simply braless. And yes it was to divert attention from all the Trump crimes & corruption."

However, most people defended Ivanka and slammed those who criticized a woman for something she has no control of. Even those who dislike Ivanka for her political ideology took her side when it came to the unfortunate fashion flub.

"Ummm, I am not a fan of [Ivanka] but there is no shame in a woman having nipples. She is despicable for many reasons but not for being a woman," one person commented.

Another stated, "Warning: I don't like Ivanka Trump, but I'm about to head back to a society that makes a woman cover themselves in a black shroud in case their shape is shown. If you are shaming a woman wearing several layers for hard nipples, you aren't much better than the men who started that."

Not all the comments were about politics, however, as one person was just there for the fashion:

"I think honestly what im most annoyed at about the great nipple scandal is that that blouse really was not cute with that skirt. [Ivanka] - you’re doing my dream job, at least dress nice while you’re f--king it up for f--ks sake."

For what it's worth, Ivanka doesn't seem to care about the criticism from anyone and is continuing to live her best life.

She hasn't addressed the wardrobe incident, but did give an update about her meeting with leaders working on improving the economic empowerment of women. collaboration on this critical mission.

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