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Model Iskra Lawrence Won't Reveal Baby's Gender, Wants Child To Decide

By Whitney Vasquez

Iskra Lawrence has found herself overwhelmed with support after revealing she will not be making her baby's gender public in case her child feels different later in life. The pregnant model made a heartfelt statement about recently finding out her child's gender from "professionals," but not feeling comfortable to share that because she wants her kid to choose and doesn't want to make a spectacle of it. Iskra Lawrence shared the lengthy message on social media showcasing her growing baby bump on Wednesday.

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Her Powerful Message:


Revealing that she's been struggling because she "thought I’d feel so ready to do a gender reveal," the 29-year-old said that after finding out the sex of their baby, "I haven’t been able to just text anyone the 'news' and certainly don’t feel like I can tell the world." Iskra Lawrence got deep about protecting her child and rethinking oversharing on social media because "this is their life." Stating that while she knows "what gender the professionals have announced," it "may not be who my child decides to be and it doesn’t feel right to make a big deal about something so personal to them." Calling herself a "party pooper," Iskra Lawrence informed her fans that she won't be revealing the gender because "I never want my child turning around and saying why did you decide to share my life online or make it seem like a public service announcement."

Swoon-Worthy Support!


She later thanked her followers for their support saying she was "grateful to have such open an [sic] minded, empathetic and loving family online." Her baby daddy, Philip Payne, replied to the model's comment by writing, "This is beautiful. Just here to love and support you and our little one. One lucky child to have a mommy like you." His comment melted Iskra's heart who wrote back, "can't wait for you to take on your biggest role yet... daddy... proud of you and grateful it's you." This will be Iskra Lawrence's first child. She announced her pregnancy in November and has been sharing her journey to motherhood with fans every step of the way.

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