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Is Britney Spears Sending SECRET Coded Messages On Instagram?!

By Mike Walters

Is Britney Spears used coded messages to speak to her fans on Instagram?

The pop star just posted a set of photos from a Los Angeles beach, and although they appear to be simply a few hot shots of the pop star in a bikini -- many of her followers believe she may be trying to get a secretly coded message to her fans.

In the post, Britney shared several photos of herself twisting her body into the letter 'T' and included a lengthy caption that seems to have some sort of message behind it!

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See Britney's Possible 'Message' On Instagram!


Here Is Britney's Caption:

?No ..... this isn’t “Just a Touch of Rose” 🌹 or “RED” ... it is simply ME ... in the most general Britney way !!! Hey 👋 … while you’re at it ..... turn the photos upside down and you will find it’s a T !!!!!! For teacher ... tea ... test ... tomorrow ... time ... two ... ten ... tool ... try .... thanks .... they … I mean we could go all day with this one, right !?!? Anyhow … who was your favorite teacher in school ..... and what did you LEARN 🤓🤓🤓🤓 ????

So What Does It Mean??

'Has Anyone Decoded Her Message? She's Definitely Sending One!'


"I swear she is trying to tell us something in codes and hint If you are reading this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE," one person wrote after seeing the message.

"Has anyone decoded her message? She’s definitely sending one out Someone decode this QUICK!" another wrote.

This isn't the first time Britney's fans have considered she may be speaking to them through Instagram, which in many cases includes posting herself in the same outfit for days with different captions.

"There has to be some kind of message, I just don’t know what," one fan said in reaction to the caption. One person even took a shot at 'decoding' it, saying, "Okay so is something happening tomorrow at 2:10, or am I reading too much into this???"

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What Is She Trying To Say?


Interestingly, a few of Britney's millions of followers think she is just messing with those people who believe she speaking in code through social media.

"Lol I love how she's poking fun back at us about hidden meanings in her posts!!!" one fan joked.

But, if so, fans are worried the message is so sporadic and confusing it is worrisome. "Guys here's the thing, if we're wrong and she is actually writing these captions we should be just as worried."

As we reported, Britney is fighting in court to allow parts of her ongoing conservatorship to be public. It's possible, fans believe, she could be talking about that situation.

"T for Time to end the conservatorship," a fan posted.

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