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Is Brad Pitt Dating Alia Shawkat From 'Arrested Development?'

Gettyimages | Charley Gallay
By Lynne Versluys

An Unexpected Match

Ever since his split from Angelina Jolie rocked the world, people have been wondering who Brad Pitt will date next. There have been plenty of rumors, with people suspecting Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, MIT professor Neri Oxman, and holistic healer Sat Hari Khalsa to be the actor's latest paramour, but nothing concrete has emerged.

The latest rumor surrounding Pitt's love life is that he is potentially dating Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat. The two have been seen together multiple times recently, so of course the rumor mill is turning.

Examining The Evidence

Shawkat and Pitt were seen attending the Wilding Cran Gallery over the weekend, and they were seen at comedian Mike Birbiglia's one man show in Los Angeles, The New One in October. The alleged couple were photographed backstage with Birbiglia after the show.

Not only that, but Pitt and Shawkat also attended Ethan Cohen’s A Play Is A Poem in LA back in September and were seen leaving the event in the same car.

While Pitt, 55, and Shawkat, 30, are not an obvious match, it seems like they have similar tastes in art and culture, which can really bring people together.

He Has A Lot Of Female Friends

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So, are they dating or are they just friends? A source told back in May that Pitt was not dating a lot since his divorce.

"Brad has not really been dating much at all since his split with Angelina,” a source close to Brad shares EXCLUSIVELY with “He does not have any romantic dates over to his home that he shared with Angelina and the kids, and he is a long way from falling in love again.

However, he does enjoy plenty of platonic relationships with lots of people, including Lena Dunham, who is just a friend, nothing more.” When Brad does decide to be “more than friends” with a woman, the source says he won’t go public with the news “or introduce the kids to [her] until he is in a serious relationship, which hasn’t happened for him just yet. And he is in no rush either. He is enjoying life, focusing on being a good father, and working on his career instead of worrying about if he will ever fall in love again."

Moving On From His Divorce

Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain

Pitt recently opened up on NPR about what he's learned since his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016, and Pitt explained that it has required a lot of self reflection.

"I would be exploring it whether there was a script that allowed that or not. A breakup of a family is certainly an eye-opener that as one—and I'm speaking in general again—but as one needs to understand, I had to understand my own culpability in that, and what can I do better. Because I don't want to go on like this."

So, what do you think? Just a pair of art-loving friends or is romance in the air?

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