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Ireland Baldwin Shares BRUTAL 'Trophy Hunting' Elephant Video -- 'We Have To Protect These Animals'

By Mike Walters

Ireland Baldwin wants everyone to see the brutal reality of 'trophy hunting' and has posted a video of a terrible shooting of a defenseless elephant to make her point very clear.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's daughter posted the heartbreaking video on Instagram to shock anyone who is following her, and force them to pay attention to her important message.

"Interrupting your feeds to show you all a look inside of trophy hunting," she wrote on IG.

As you can imagine, Ireland had some choice words for the perpetrators of this shooting and is asking for help in protecting these animals.

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Ireland Baldwin Posts Heartbreaking Elephant Shooting Video...


"Two p----ies scoped a defenseless, beautiful creature from 4 feet away. Now that my friends is what it looks like to have both the smallest minds and smallest d---s humanely possible," Ireland posted alongside the video.

She continued, "We must do what we can to protect these animals. If this upsets you or bothers you in any way, get involved and do something about it."

Ireland tagged PETA and other Animal protection organizations so anyone outraged by what they are seeing can get involved.

Her post is being supported by tons of people including actor Josh Brolin, who liked her post.

Plus, Ireland's mother Kim Basinger, joined in and went OFF on the situation and agreed with her daughter's outrage.

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Kim Basinger: Trophy Hunting Is For Small People With Such Insecurities


The '8 Mile' actress posted, "Been going on way too long ...... Yes people this isn’t the first time… Been going on for years and years and years and years and years...........anyone involved in this kind of activity needs the same ......... I’m not one for any kind of violence ..... but in these cases ....what else is there to say ...... should be the most punishable crime on the planet for killing a living thing."

She continued, "These sickos deserve the same treatment..........and fate ......Trophy hunting is such for small people with such insecurities… And so many problems with trying to discover who they are…… Such ignorance such small minds and inadequacies in other areas."

'We Must Do What We Can To Protect These Animals'


Basinger, who has been fighting for animal rights for years, including the issues with dogs in Asia, blasted anyone who would kill for sport.

"Real trash........... Does this really make one feel bigger to kill something this magnificent… Something that’s just curious and has no idea you’re going to shoot it between the eyes......... Does this make one feel good… Big… Famous… Richer… More powerful........... can you brag about this now," she wrote.

Adding, "In your workplace at school… In your pathetic circle of friends......?.........whoever you are out there ..... you are beyond words worthless."

See The Brutal Post.

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