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Famous Pizzeria Owner, Adam Waheed, Donates $10,000 Worth Of Pies To Los Angeles Protesters

By Mike Walters

Social media star and Los Angeles pizzeria owner, Adam Waheed, has donated $10,000 worth of pizzas to help feed 'Black Lives Matter' protesters marching in Hollywood.

Adam, along with his team from DOUGH Pizzeria, handed out pizzas during this weekend's Hollywood protests, that brought the crowd into the heart of West Hollywood.

We're told Adam took to the streets with his Dough employees and handed out free pizza to anyone walking down the Sunset Strip for countless hours on Friday.

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The group would make multiple trips and cars set up nearby and bring the pizzas to the heart of the protest.

What's more, all the pizza was baked by the Food Network's celebrity chef, Aaron May, inside the Dough kitchens, who is now a co-owner of the restaurant.

As you can see, the team walked the crowed in masks handing out the pizza slice by slice to anyone who needed to be fed while marching through the streets.

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See Photos Of The Dough's Team In The Streets!


The demonstrators moved through Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, protesting against police brutality after the death of George Floyd last week.

This week, several protests sparked up in Hollywood including one where thousands of people walked down Sunset holding up signs and chanting. In a sign of solidarity, when the crowd approached a red light, everyone together would take a knee, then once the light turned green they would continue to march.

Celebrity Pizza Hot Spot Will Continue DonatingThrough This Weekend's Protest


In the photos, you can see protesters gathered outside the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, where a sign read "George Floyd Rest in Peace." In this area, Waheed and his team continued feeding protesters as they entered the intersection.

Dough's Pizzeria & Bar is a popular spot in Los Angeles and is frequented by celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Ron Artest, and Lil Dicky.

We're told Adam and the restaurant have pledged to continue handing out pizza to both protesters, and the police as a show of unity, for the rest of this weekend's events.

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